Take a few hours to reconnect with what’s really important, and learn tools that will help you feel happier, healthier and more successful.

FREE online Goal Setting & Planning for 2018 (with a difference) workshop

›If you write down your goals, you’re 42% more likely to achieve them.

If you have accountability around your goals, you’re 85% more likely to achieve them.

This FREE online training looks at why we should set goals and how to set them effectively and authentically to us as individuals. 

The training includes advice on creating your own vision board and a yearly planner for 2018.  

Send me a message using the link below and request the Goal Setting & Planning recording.  Please include your email address. 

Happiness workshop



›What is the difference between authentic and in-authentic happiness?

How can you make yourself happier?

What is your vision for your life?

Learn some simple daily practices to help you return to your life calmer and more effective.

Are you responsible for the health, wellbeing and performance of your team?

Would you like to reduce the number of absences caused or exacerbated by stress and the consequent impact on profit and employee happiness? Would you like to see more motivation and productivity from your team?

It is readily accepted that the health and happiness of staff impacts on their performance.

We can work together on simple everyday coping strategies suitable for everyone.

Reduced stress and increased satisfaction with life and career will inevitably produce enhanced tangible results as well as a happier, more engaged and committed team of people.

Please get in touch for more details and to have a chat about how we would work together to reduce stress and the related negative impacts on health and wellbeing.

Hannah’s Happiness Workshop was truly brilliant, it was informative, interactive and thoroughly enjoyed by all. With lots of useful tips and tools and an explanation on the science behind stress and happiness it was a fantastic workshop which I would encourage anyone to attend.

CEO, gunnercooke llp


What people are saying

Everyone needs help, and Hannah can help you!

Fiona, Lawyer

Hannah has given me the tools to change my life!

Lindsay, Business Owner
If you want to kick start your journey to self care, go to one of Hannah’s workshop. It makes you stop and take time to think about where you want to go.
Claire, Lawyer

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Find ‘a little balance’ in your inbox every day for a month…

Find ‘a little balance’ in your inbox every day for a month…


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© 2017 Authentically Speaking  |  Website by FeelGoodAgency

Website by FeelGoodAgency
© 2017 Authentically Speaking 

Find a little balance in your inbox every day for a month...

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