Together let’s remove the guesswork and the false steps from the business part so that you can focus on what you do best, turn your expertise into more income and create the life/business you wanted when you set up.

Regardless of whether you are a law firm founder/owner with 50 employees or a legal consultant with an admin assistant… we face similar challenges and there is now an easy way to find support in one place. 


No guesswork
No worrying about where to ask questions or get a second opinion from
No struggling uphill feeling that you’re on your own


  • Proven training and business coaching personalised to you and your business 
  • A clear process and agreed steps so that you always know what to do next in your business growth journey (and how to do it)
  • Simple actionable ideas and resources that you can implement to grow your business in your way 
  • ​And my support and encouragement to make it all happen!

Since you’re here, I’m guessing that you are either: 


You’re fairly early on in your journey of entrepreneurship (because yes you are a business owner).  You’re super comfortable with the fee earning part, you’ve done that for years and very well.  But, being responsible for your own business development, client relationship management, managing the finances and the business planning alongside the day job, isn’t really happening, at least not consistently.  You might be wondering how you can access the skills and experiences of those who’ve been doing this for a while to help you to navigate the pitfalls and leap over some of the potholes. You’re already familiar with the feast and famine type lifestyle where you’re either working longer hours than you ever did in “normal” practice, and your family complain they never see you, or you’re worrying about how much you’ll make next month/quarter…


You’ve been running your legal business for a while now, maybe 5-6 years. You have a team around you, the best part of your business is your people and the hardest part of your business is your people?  You have a great pipeline of work, sometimes too much work. It’s not always the sorts of clients you’d like to be working for and sometimes you aren’t charging what you should be.  Although you have a great team, you are the boss, you can’t share your worries and concerns with them and perhaps your other half doesn’t want to hear about it every evening either.  Surely there is a community of likeminded business owners out there who can listen to your challenges and provide useful advice and support in a confidential environment so that you can continue to grow and scale your business in the right way. 

Sessions with Hannah were incredible.  They came at a pivotal point for my practice/business plan and Hannah really helped to navigate me in a positive direction.  Hannah really listens to your challenges and provides straight-talking and commercially pragmatic advice whilst at the same time supporting you as an individual. 


The best thing about Hannah is that she has quite obviously “worn the T-shirt” when it comes to developing her own business and the challenges that can present in terms of (amongst other things) work-life balance and starting out as a self-employed lawyer. I would whole-heartedly recommend Hannah to anyone searching for a business coach particularly within the consultancy-based/self-employed lawyer sector.

– Corporate M&A Lawyer coaching client 

So if you are tired of working hard and pushing by yourself – and aren’t living the lifestyle you envisaged when you decided to set up on your own…


More lawyers than ever are starting to see the benefits of setting up their own business.  The concerns pre pandemic about where we might work and would we be able to work with others remotely, have proven to be untrue.  The pandemic also highlighted the distinct lack of boundaries lawyers have, an issue which is exacerbated by self employment when it’s down to you to pay the bills. 

The opportunities to create successful, sustainable and above all, enjoyable businesses are there, but we can’t do it all alone. We don’t have all of the answers, or enough time to go and find them. 

Time is one of our most valuable commodities as a lawyer, we charge by it!  You know how much 6 minutes of your time is worth to you. 

Whilst as a business owner you need access to advice, support and training on topics like: 

  • marketing that suits your personality
  • business development strategies for your sector
  • managing your time effectively 
  • maximising your profits 
  • handling issues with staff 
  • delegating effectively 
  • being the best possible leader
  • and more…

Do you have time to access all of this support?  And know where to start looking for it? 

How valuable would it be to have all of this in one place? 

After years of going it alone, I discovered that peer support from likeminded business owners and access to coaches and mentors who had already done it, was invaluable.  I would probably have given up at least twice by now without this support. 

That’s why I created The Lawyers Business Mastermind™, a one stop, peer support, business coaching and training membership designed to support your personal and business goals. 

Being around the right people definitely does expedite your growth and it definitely is inspiring. 

Thank you for all that you’ve done helping me towards getting my business to the next level without burning myself out. 

– Commercial Property Lawyer and current Mastermind member

Peer Support:​ to provide a listening ear, practical advice and workable solutions to the challenges you bring every month to your mastermind meeting so that you never feel stuck and can keep moving your business forward.

Clarity:​ to help you identify the major aspects of your business plan, how much do you want to work, when, where, with which clients, who do you have in your team, and then we support you to create your ideal business.  

Business Development: to support you with fresh ideas to increase your pipeline of clients and work, building new relationships with contacts and prospects using our authentic sales methods so that clients are buying into you and your unique offering.   

​Training: learn more about all of the topics you’d love to have time to explore, legal marketing strategies, taking out your profit first, handling costs in your business, managing your team effectively and more, whatever you’d like to learn, we will bring in an expert to provide this training for you. 

Business Coaching:  included within the Lawyers Business Mastermind™ membership is a one to one monthly coaching session with me, the only business coach in the UK specialising in self employed lawyers and legal business owners. The monthly investment is worth it for this coaching session alone! 


Hannah is a fantastic coach! She has helped me make some really positive changes in how I am managing my time, improved my approach to my business and definitely left me feeling happier overall with what I am doing.
Her approach is refreshingly practical and is grounded in the commercial reality of the work we do.
– Litigation Lawyer, coaching client and current Mastermind member




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Frequently asked questions:


What sort of legal businesses are members of the Mastermind?


Is my business ready to join the Mastermind?


I have a business partner, should we both join the Mastermind?

We have a variety of businesses inside the group and the Mastermind has been specifically designed to support that variety. 

There are no hard and fast rules about when you’re ready for the Mastermind, some members are only a few months into running their own business and others have been doing it for a number of years.  If you’re not sure whether your business is ready or not, let’s have a chat.  I am soon to be launching the Legal Business Incubator™ as an affordable monthly membership which is designed to stop the feast and famine feeling and get your business making consistent income.   You can find out more about the Legal Business Incubator™ here. 

I tend to recommend that only one of the business partners joins the Mastermind but again I’m happy to have a chat about how this would work best for your business. 

To chat about any of the above or any other questions you have about joining the Lawyers Business Mastermind™ please click here to book a conversation with me or email, to arrange a call.  

Let's have a chat about your business

Find out whether the Lawyers Business Mastermind™ can support your business in 2022.

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