We all have a lot to cope with especially at the moment!

It feels like it’s a permanent state of affairs, and we don’t know when anything  will change.

But, now and then we get to the point where it’s not just a lot to do – it feels emotional as though it’s all too much.

We don’t feel that we have the emotional resilience to get through it all and we become completely overwhelmed by everything that’s on our plate.

One sign of overwhelm is a feeling of being stuck, not able to chose between which urgent task you should tackle next.  

Feel free to download my guide to overwhelm first aid to help you to move through feeling stuck. 

No email address required, just click and download.    

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, hannah@authenticallyspeaking.co.uk or contact me on 07493 176560. 

What people are saying

Hannah is a fantastic coach. Her approach is refreshingly practical and is grounded in the commercial reality of the work we do.

Claire, Property Lawyer

Before speaking with Hannah, I went through a period where I was worrying and negative about my future career move. However, I identified what was holding me down; took steps to correct this and now I am more positive, vibrant and confident in my plans for my career.
I strongly recommend Hannah as a coach.

Personal Injury Lawyer 

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