Spring – a time to start again?

Nature does it with such ease.

I love spring time. Nature shows us that things can be reborn, renewed, start again. And nature does it with such ease. It happens every year, with no input from humans. In fact if we got involved, we’d probably mess it up! In the wintertime, nature mainly goes into hibernation. Trees and plants look dead. Bare and as though nothing is happening. But underneath they are preparing for spring. Replenishing, resting, getting ready to launch into bloom. We can learn something from nature. There are many times in our lives, even on an annual or monthly basis where we might feel that we aren’t achieving very much, we aren’t getting done everything we want to do. Maybe its decluttering the house (hence the phrase “spring clean”). Maybe its reorganising your desk or your filing, or doing your tax return. Perhaps you have new targets at work and intend to sit down and spend some time planning how you could approach those targets. Do you want to do things the same way you’ve done them before, or do you want to change your approach either for different results, or just because you’re bored of the way you’ve been doing things and want to shake it up a little?! 

We can always start again.

We can always start again with our monthly or annual planning, with the health routine or the diet we really want to implement. Earlier in the year I wrote about new year’s resolutions and how we shouldn’t beat ourselves up if we don’t stick to them. If it’s something we want, start again. Every day is a new day, every minute is a new minute. A coach of mine uses Spring as her “new year”. She is still in hibernation and planning mode in January but by the Spring she’s ready to take action. I like this and maybe it resonates with you as well. The days are longer, it’s lighter and warmer. There’s positivity and possibility in the air. Could this Springtime be a time for you to take some action you’ve been putting off or procrastinating over? If so, I’ve been using a new goal / planning process you might like to try. I’ve worked with self employed people and those starting new businesses after corporate lives. But I also work more and more with employed professionals – not looking to leave employment. This goal / planning process can be used by everyone whatever stage you’re at right now. I recommend you use this process every day if you can. You could do this when you wake up as part of a morning routine (I am a huge fan of an organised morning routine and you can find more details about how to create a routine of your own below). If that doesn’t work for you, you can do it before you start your official work day. It’s part of a daily planning process. First – write down your Priorities. I would suggest a maximum of three. Which three things are most important to you right now? This might be 1. Improving your mental or physical health 2. Getting a better handle on your finances or 3. Making a new contact or finding a new client. Second – write down your Long Term Goal. I am thinking perhaps 5 or 10 years from now. What is your “dream” or “plan” for the long term. Dream Big! Third – write down your First Goal – for this think 3 months into the future. What goal could you achieve in the next 3 months that would place you one step closer to the long term goal? Fourth – write down what Barriers are in your way. What is or would be stopping you from achieving these long and short term goals? Is it lack of time, lack of finances, lack of knowledge about the best next steps? Fear of the unknown or fear that you can’t do it? Finally – what are your 3 month actions towards that First Goal. Again I would suggest a maximum of three actions. What small steps can you take in the next 3 months to get you to the 3 month goal you’ve set? That’s it! Seems like a lot? Are you thinking, I don’t have time to “waste” on this every day or even 3 days out of the week. Most people won’t try it. But I would encourage you to give it a go. The business advisor who taught me this process tells me she achieved her 5 year goals in less than 6 months and she puts this down to this daily practice. So, I’m giving it a go. For a worked example you can use to create your own and a blank worksheet to complete the exercise, click here to download
For training/coaching support in making the changes you’d like to make, have a look at my Work With Me page or get in touch via email to arrange a chat, hannah@authenticallyspeaking.co.uk.  

Hannah x

Ps. If you haven’t read the blog post about creating a morning routine, I recommend it!  Click here for “Good to Great”. 

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