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Lawyers are strong, intelligent professionals. 

Very often we’ve got the career, family, nice house, decent income, but experience failing mental health and a poor sense of well-being.  

Have your senior people spent years climbing the ladder, striving to be the “go to” person for thier clients and the person the team looks to for answers. But in clocking up all that chargeable time maybe they’ve missed school plays, dinner dates and family gatherings.  Do they manage conversations with their spouses that don’t involve negotiating who will be paying the cleaner or picking up the kids from school?

Lawyers have a larger dose of the “perfectionist” gene than you’ll see in many other professions. We feel as though  we must be the one who gets everything done, meets deadlines, gets the kids to school and has a week’s worth of frozen dinners ready? (Or feels like you should be doing all of that?) 

This is leading us to higher and higher levels of burnout, stress related absence and ill health and even leaving the profession. .

As aspiring young lawyers, we thought we could have it all.

Was it just a pipe dream, can you really have it all?  

It’s very easy to start feeling as though you don’t have an identity outside of the legal career. Perhaps to even remember what hobbies we used to enjoy. 

I’m Hannah Beko.

A lawyer, corporate trainer, speaker, writer, business owner, wife and mummy to three amazing boys.

I know what it’s like to wonder what’s missing when on paper life looks pretty perfect.  I looked around in 2015 and I had achieved more than I’d ever expected.  The new house, supportive husband, two beautiful boys, a successful legal business, but I felt like I was letting everyone down, including myself. I thought I was living my dream, but I certainly didn’t feel happy.

So my search for happiness began.

It is possible to wake up happy and excited about the day ahead, confidently handling the daily stresses and having energy for you, your family and your work.  The answer doesn’t have to be heading off to an ashram or giving up on careers or business’.

By weaving some basic and manageable steps into everyday, I was able to start showing up as a happier and healthier, and even business grew! The result – a business, career and family life that doesn’t just tick the boxes, but is fulfilling, fun and rewarding.   Where I thought I would be leaving my legal career behind, I’m now even more invested than ever and busy growing my practice again. 

It’s my mission to provide tailored support to firms and organisations who value the mental health and well-being of their most valuable asset – their people. 

Happiness impacts upon productivity by more than 12%.  It’s certainly in the best interests of the organisation and its staff to have an authentic and powerful system in place for the health and happiness of everyone in the business.  

That’s what Authentically Speaking is all about!

I’d love to speak to you about how we could work together to provide a training and support solution that suits your organisation or team . 

Please drop me an email to 

What people are saying

This was a day just for me, to think about me. Something I don’t think I should do normally, but I’ve realised, how important it is.

Mell, Lawyer

Hannah has given me the tools to change my life!
Lindsay, Business Owner
If you want to kick start your journey to self care, go to one of Hannah’s workshop. It makes you stop and take time to think about where you want to go.
Claire, Lawyer
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© 2019 Authentically Speaking  |  Website by The Good Alliance  |  Policies

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