Bespoke programmes of support, training & development created to help law firms achieve effective long term results.

Sourcing training that delivers transformational results and has your people asking for more, isn’t easy.

It’s common to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options when it comes to training provision and you might regularly come across providers who sound very knowledgeable, but who might not be lawyers.  Is it really important for your training partner to understand the unique pressures and complexities in our legal world?  I think so, 

Knowing the profession inside out (after over 17 years practicing experience and having trained thousands of lawyers) are you looking for a partner to create a training provision that focuses on what your lawyers need right now to improve their experience of work? 

Would you like to be confident you’re providing quality, meaningful personal and professional development safe in the knowledge your budget is being well spent with no complaints about ineffective time wasting sessions? 


Happier, more confident lawyers


Better leaders of teams and managers of people


Better reputation making it easier to attract and retain good talent

Why working with me is different

Quite simply it’s my passion for the profession and commitment to being part of the changing culture of law.  All programmes are designed to enable participants to improve their personal and professional skills whilst developing emotional resilience and stress management techniques at the same time.      

Covering only topics that I (or my clients) have first hand experience of, I recommend tools that are tried and tested with thousands of legal professionals. 

Legal professionals appreciate the open, honest and genuine sharing of experience, lessons leaned, and tools honed over years of practice and training.

Popular topics which can be incorporated into your programme

Successfully Happy Workshop

A variation on the popular Happiness Workshop which launched in 2016.  We look at the causes and symptoms of stress and how to manage these whilst creating more success and happiness everyday.  This workshop is registered for CPD.

Authenticity as a Lawyer’s Superpower Workshop

Discover the impact of authenticity on our health, happiness and wellbeing as well as your career progression, job satisfaction and client service levels.

Time & Energy Management  

Learn simple but effective habits to create more time and less effort every week. Based on the 7 habits of highly effective people techniques, you can find an extra 4-5 hours per week using these ideas!


Can you have a brochure?

You’re welcome to download a copy of our introductory guide to services. 

As every firm, every team and every budget is different, do contact us for a conversation about the challenges you’re facing and the results you’d like to see for your firm/team.

After this conversation, Hannah can prepare a no obligation bespoke proposal for your consideration in line with your own requirements. 

Can we organise a one off session?

If you haven’t worked with Hannah before, do get in touch to organise a taster lunch & learn type training session or a facilitated discussion on your team’s topic of choice. (Subject to availability).  

Which topics come up most frequently?

Stress Reduction 

Time & Energy Management 

Leadership (at a foundational or experienced level)

Business Development and Networking Confidence for Lawyers

Handling emotional clients  

Future Proof Your Mental Health


Book a call to discuss creating a bespoke training & support pack for your team.

What people are saying

Thank you for being so wonderfully patient with our staff over the last month, it’s been a pleasure to have you join us and help our teams!

HR Manager, Manchester Law Firm, September 2020

Hannah’s Happiness Workshop was truly brilliant, it was informative, interactive and thoroughly enjoyed by all. With lots of useful tips and tools and an explanation on the science behind stress and happiness it was a fantastic workshop which I would encourage anyone to attend.

Law Firm CEO, who attended our Happiness Workshop in August 2018

The Authenticity Workshop is a “must attend” event for everyone, whether you are a man, woman, partner or associate, everyone can benefit from being their authentic selves at work.  I don’t think I’ve ever attended such a fantastically interactive and thought provoking workshop which I feel I am already benefitting from

Lucy, Lawyer who attended our Authenticity in the City Workshop in May 2019

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