You’re a strong, intelligent, professional.

Do you need coaching?

No one needs coaching.  It’s a choice, but is it right for you?  

I’ve been a certifed coach since 2016 and it’s been my honour to work with amazing clients.  Brave men and women who’ve taken a look at their life and decided something wasn’t quite right.  I’ve been there as well.

When you’ve ticked all of the boxes, have a successful business, the title “partner” a beautiful family and home, but start to wonder what else? Sounds a bit ungrateful maybe?  But, I think we’re still meant to be happy..

Lawyers (as in many related professions), tend to be perfectionists.  To be people who don’t stop to smell the roses or enjoy a little downtime.  This unfortunately has a fairly catastrophic effect on mental health and wellbeing, which yes, impacts on performance and achievement at work as well as how we’re showing up at home.

Ever feel as though you’re failing as a spouse/partner or as a parent but you’re not giving your all at work either? These are ommon comments I receive and the also common, but this is just usual isn’t it, law is stressful, and my favourite, if you can’t cope with the stress, it’s not the career for you – ouch!

I’m afriad I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking.   If I did, I would have quit in 2015 when my legal business had just started taking off and I had no idea of how it would grow and what it could turn into.

So, is coaching for you?

If you’d like to enjoy your career again, sleep better at night, go for a promotion you’ve had your eye on but not felt ready for, change direction or quit altogether, make more time for your life and your family (or future family) – then it might be for you.  I can help with these issues and more from my personal experience, training and work with clients over the last 3 years.

Please do drop me an email, text or connect on linkedin and let’s have a chat if anything I’ve said here resonates with you.

07493 176 560


Suggested Coaching Options 


For an introduction to coaching or to deal with a specific issue you’d like to talk though, this might be the option for you. If you find these sessions benefical, I would encourage you to consider the Rapid Transformational Coaching course.



Rapid Transformational Coaching involves working together for one month with three sessions. This is a powerful and fast acting programme.


What people are saying

This was something just for me, time to think about me. Something I don’t think I should do normally, but I’ve realised, how important it is.
Mell, Lawyer

Hannah’s approach is refreshingly practical and is grounded in the commercial reality of the legal work we do.

Claire, Property Lawyer

Hannah has been so patient with me.  I genuinely feel she cares for me and I have felt supported throughout our coaching journey.  The tools I have learnt with Hannah are amazing and I can use them in my everyday life to make it easier, smoother and more productive.  I highly recommend her as your guide to bring about real and lasting change in your life.

Pollyanna, Property Investor and Coach

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