Some thoughts and observations from my journey.

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We choose what we see, are we choosing wisely?

The way we choose to perceive our circumstances affects the way we feel about where we are, what we’re doing and who we are. Are we making wise and helpful choices? Are we even aware that this is an option?

Spring. Time For A New Start?

Spring is the season of growth and there’s positivity and possibility in the air, how can you make the most of this time of year, especially after the year we’ve had?

Pandemic Challenge & the Future

Are you or someone you know in the pandemic dip right now? That feeling is perfectly normal, it’s part of the normal life cycle of a challenging pandemic!

Work Life Balance & Lockdown

Work life balance has been the holy grail for so many for so long.
Ironically this period of lockdown could have offered the chance for a healthy mix of work and family time, in a way people haven’t experienced before.

New Year 2020

Why I’m not setting any New Year’s Resolutions and my thoughts on “sustainability” in 2020.

Goal Setting September

This is a fantastic time of the year to think about your goals for the last part of the year and the 12 months ahead.

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