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How can you go from Good to Great, with your morning, your day and with your life?

For a few years I’ve been a believer that our thoughts create our reality.  We get to decide.

You already have all the tools you need to take your life from good, or even just okay, to great.

In the morning, we don’t have to passively wait and see how we feel and what sort of day we’re going to have. Instead we can decide how our day is going to go.

“Win the Morning and you Win the Day”.

Last year I read Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and was blown away by the testimonials before I even got to the first chapter. The results people were achieving from following his morning rituals were amazing.

(I admit I’m not getting up at 5am everyday to put into practice what he suggests, but there’s still so much good stuff there.)

I’ve also tried a morning success routine recommend by Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneur Association, and have seen great results with it. I once joked to a mentor that I had to pause my success routine as I was getting too much work!

Like everyone else, even when I see great results with something, I don’t always keep going.

Self sabotage still gets to those of us who teach people about it! 

At the start of 2019 I decided to give this morning routine thing another go!

So what does it look like?

My alarm is set for 6am everyday, including the weekend.  I do a 10 minute success mediation followed by a few minutes of gratitude (Tony Robbins style) and then listen to something motivating.  One of my favourite youtube videos to listen to is called “Win the Morning, Win the Day”. Then I read a couple of pages of a good motivational book.  At the moment I am re-reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

To summarise what I’m trying each morning:  I’ve taken some of the Miracle Morning book and melded with my favourite bits of Carrie Green’s success routine. Every morning at 6am, I’m starting with a 10 minute success meditation, then reading a few pages of a motivational book and also spending a few minutes thinking about things I am grateful for. But not just listing them, really feeling the gratitude for these things.


Change the Morning, Change your Life.

Win the Morning, Win the Day.

Take control of your thinking to take your day from good to great.

It’s not only getting up at 6am and spending around half an hour on these things that I’ve changed. For this to happen I need to be going to sleep at a decent time.  So that means less binge watching of Suits and no messing about on Facebook at 10.30pm, even if it is for “work”.

I encourage you to have a think about your morning routine.

You already have a routine even if you don’t realise it. You get up, maybe check your phone, perhaps brush your teeth, make a cup of tea, have your shower etc. You probably have a fairly regular routine going.

Is there anything you can adapt in your routine, so that you can “win the morning and win the day”?

You don’t need to try and add in everything I’ve suggested in one go, that’s unlikely to work beyond a few days or a week.  But choose one, add that to your routine and when it’s established add something else.

They say our creativity is at its greatest just after we wake up. (That’s why I recommend to clients that they do their journaling as close to waking up time as possible and why I do my success meditation first).

We choose the life we create.

We create our thoughts, our thoughts create our reality. We can consciously create our lives.

Can you use this creative time of the day to spend even just a few minutes thinking about how you want to be feeling, what you want to be doing?

If we simply said to ourselves every morning when we wake, “today is going to be a great day” or “I love my life” or “I am so grateful for everything in my life” – how differently might we feel after a month of regular practice?

What statements could you adopt that you repeat when you wake up in the morning?

The most powerful two words are “I AM…” and it’s what we put after these words that determine our reality.  Determine the way we feel, the way we see the world.

People tell me they don’t have time. It’s a rush in the morning.

Tony Robbins says (I’ve discovered just recently) if you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life.  I have some sympathy with that.

If you want to change even one small aspect of your life, doesn’t that deserve 10 minutes of your time every day?

Some mornings in the early days I really wanted to stay in bed after my success meditation.  I told myself I was tired, the children had woken in the night and maybe I needed the extra sleep.  I talked myself into getting up. I had one my “Bulletproof” coffees (that’s another story) and I even managed to draft some documents(!)  before getting the kids up for school.

We sang over breakfast.  We had time for breakfast!

We were early for school!

This was not my usual morning.  It’s more like the morning I imagined when I thought about my “perfect day”.. is that a coincidence?

I’d love you to commit to trying to add one positive action to your morning routine.  Perhaps this is just a statement or two you choose to repeat to yourself when you wake. “Today is a good day”. “Today, I will enjoy my life”.

Feel free to get in touch and tell me what your positive action is going to be … because if you get accountable to someone, you’re 85% more likely to achieve that goal.  Join our free Facebook group (click here to join) and share it with us.

By sharing this post I stay accountable to all of you!

So I bet you’re wondering, what difference does this really make?  As at today let me share what the last month or so has brought into my life.   Yes my imposter syndrome or the chimp on my shoulder (whatever you want to call it) is shouting, you shouldn’t “brag” about these things.  But, if I don’t share with you what a success routine can achieve, why would you bother trying it?

Here goes.  (Shush chimp).

I’ve led three lawyer workshops in London and Manchester, spoken at three women in legal events, landed the largest commercial property deal I will ever have done, and started writing my book “The Authentic Lawyer”.  I’ve also made some big decisions about my businesses going forward and dedicated some more time to spend with my three amazing boys.

What could you achieve if you start your own morning success routine?

My morning coffee is such an important part of my routine that I really wanted a fabulously inspiring mug.  I couldn’t find one I loved,  so I’ve created my own.    

Click Here to order your inspired goals 2019 mug!  

to your happiness (and success, whatever that looks like for you),

Hannah x

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