Planning in 2023


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I love a good planning session!

Here you can access a 20 minute recording of a planning session I created for my Facebook Community, in 2022, still just as relevant in 2023. 

You can download the resource I use in the training here, it’s a more polished version than you see in the video!

Did you know?

If you get clear on your goals and write these down, you will be 42% more likely to achieve them!   Write them down and put them somewhere you will see them often like a post it note on your laptop or by the kettle!

By finding someone to keep you accountable (and check in with you regularly) you will be 85-95% more likely to achieve them, that’s why coaching and mentoring is so powerful!

If you’d like an extra boost towards achieving your goals, consider creating a morning success routine for yourself. You can find more details about this in my blog post, Good to Great.

Do join us in our Free Facebook Community for the legal profession, Legally Speaking, your one stop shop for networking, mini trainings and support. This is a great place to access that important accountability to reach your goals! 

For coaching/mentoring support in making the changes you’d like to make, do get in touch for a chat at   I’d love to know what your plans are for 2023, and if I can support you in achieving them.



Ps. If you are a legal business owner (or an aspiring one), I have a monthly membership, the Legal Business Incubator™ which you can try for free for the first three months. 

These are fantastic resources for support, encouragement, business coaching and more to help you to grow your business without burning out!

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